Alias: N/A
Affiliation: Wei Lu
Hair color: None
Eye color: None, rotted away
Weapon(s): Any
Psi power(s): None
Status: Unknown
Location: Graveyard
Game(s): Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
Mission(s): Fears Don't Lie (illusion)

A zombie is an enemy. They are only seen in the level Fears Don't Lie and the secret level Survival.


The zombies are Illusions created by Wei Lu. While Nick is traveling in a maze (also an illusion), he comes across a Graveyard illusion. He sees Soldiers, and he unwillingly uses Pyrokinesis to kill them. They then attack him as zombies. He has to destroy them to end his illusion.

Defeating Zombies and jose Edit

There are only two ways a zombie can be destroyed, as they are undead. The first way it to use Mind Drain to destroy their consciousness. Note that unlike most other enemies, the zombie can be Mind Drained even if the zombie is fully aware of Scryer's presence; it is therefore possible to deploy the Mind Drain as a frontal assault rather than as a stealth attack. The second way is to perform a Head Shot to destroys its brain, this can be accomplished easily with a Shotgun.

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