Welcome to the Movement
Previous level: Abduction (cutscene)
Next level: Something's Gone Wrong
Enemies: MP1s
Construction workers
Boss fight: None
Power(s): Telekinesis
Remote View
Gnome(s): Tip the Idol
Location: Underground base

Welcome to the Movement is the first level in Psi-Ops.


After Nick is put into solitary confinement, he meets Sara Blake for the first time, a double-agent inside the Movement working for Mindgate. She gives him a pistol and tells him to meet her in the supply room. She then lets him out of his cell. When Nick meets her, she gives him a keycard and a quick shot to help regain his memories. He then remembers he can use telekinesis. He uses the card to go into another room and shuts down the main generators. He then goes through the building, remembers remote viewing, and goes inside the elevator to complete the level where he spies on Jov Leonov and Edgar Barrett.


New PowersEdit

In some levels you gain a new psi power.

Previous Level: Next Level:
Abduction Something's Gone Wrong

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