Wei Lu
Wei Lu
Gender: Female
Alias: Master of Illusion
Age: 24
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: The Movement
Weight: 110 lb
Height: 5'4
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Weapon(s): None
Psi power(s): Illusion
Status: Deceased
Killed by: Nick Scryer
Mission death: Fears Don't Lie
Game(s): Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
First appearance: Fears Don't Lie
Mission(s): Fears Don't Lie
Voice actor: Jeannie Woo

Wei Lu, Master of Illusion, was taken away from her home when she found out she had psi powers. The Movement also noticed and they convinced her to join.


When her PSI powers were detected, Wei Lu was taken from her family and raised to be a perfect Intelligence Agent by the Chinese government. She became a one-woman killing machine that used her ability to implant false visions and beliefs into the minds of others as a means to carry out the will of the state.

However, Wei Lu grew to be a young woman driven by introspection in a world where the line between reality and fantasy are easily blurred. She soon came to attention of the Movement, and it was here that she found a place to explore these ideas. She gained access to the General's knowledge of PSI in exchange for her stunning power, which she uses to hide the operations of the Movement from prying eyes.

Plot roleEdit

A master of Illusion, Wei Lu hides an entire Movement facility in the middle of Hong Kong, making it look to be an off-limits construction site. When Nick finally locates Wei Lu deep within the building, she reacts calmly to his arrival, taunting his fragmented mind and its inabilty to distinguish recovered memories from planted ones, or outright lies. She says of Nick's mental struggle, "You fear to trust your own memories... perhaps, like your memories, your senses cannot be trusted as well?"


Her powers are strong enough to hide a large building, even during her battle with Nick. She also tortures Nick with illusions of his past and and illusion maze as he fights to get to her. During her boss battle she also has an energy cone and acid spitting attack. She also exhibits an advanced form of telepathy, since she can comunicate remotely and read thoughts.

Boss battleEdit

First stageEdit

Wei Lu animates statues to attack Nick. The statues can be frozen in place with PK and then shattered with thrown objects. They can also be mind drained to destruction if attacked from behind.

Second StageEdit

Wei Lu transforms into a giant monster. She can be damaged with bullets, thrown objects, and Pyrokinesis. She seems to take more damage while on fire. Deplete all three health bars to win the battle.