United Nations
Founded: 1945
Founder: Original 51 member states
Leader: Unknown (Psi-Ops)
Ban Ki-moon (since 2007)
Headquarters: New York City, United States
Other locations: Extraterritoriality
Status: Active
Members: Nick Scryer

The United Nations (UN) is an international organization which promotes world peace, civil rights and anti-terrorism. It was formed after the Second World War (1939-45) to prevent another global war from ever happening again. Its predecessor was the League of Nations which failed to prevent the former.


In game, the UN is introduced during the second cutsecene named "Abduction " where UN troops battle the the Movement's meat puppets. Lt. Nick Scryer of the 3rd Platoon of the Anti-Terrorist Corps is guarding an oil facility, presumably in the Middle East, when they are attacked. After the battle, Movement troops stripped the soldiers of their armor and equipment, and then loaded them aboard transports to be presented before General Kreiger.