First PartEdit

The level starts with Nick in a courtyard. There are two sniper towers. Behind Nick, there is a Sniper Rifle. You can use this or another way to take out the snipers (or just run past). Once you get past, turn right, and there should be a little path leading to a door. Go through there, and go in. Kill any Meat Puppets that may try to stop you, and continue on until you find stairs. Clim them, and follow the path until you make it to a door. Go through the door and you will talk to Sara. She'll give you a keycard.

Second PartEdit

After this, go down the ladder, and you will get Mind Control. Then, go into the room in front of you, and grab all of the Pick Ups. Come back out, and use mind control on a meat puppet. Use him to open the gate, and kill all of the guards. Then, use mind control on the sniper, and have him send down the ladder, and jump to his death. Climb the ladder, and break the large window. Go in, and kill the Construction Worker. Go into the next room, and kill the meat puppets. Climb the wall, and use the computer. Kill the meat puppets, and kill them. Go into Edgar Barrett's Office. Sara will give you Luna One.

Third PartEdit

Go back out, go down the wall, and go out the door. Kill the meat puppet, and then get a crate. TK surf until you are at a dangerous height. Fly over to the end, and grab the gnome. Go down (avoid dying) and go through the door. Go into the Docks. There are a lot of meat puppets here. Get to the tower. Use it, and go through to the next area. Continue to another tower. Climb up the tower, and look left. You should see a sort of "cage" made of large crates. TK surf into there, and grab the gnome. Go back out, and get onto the low crate. Use mind control to make an MP use the tower. You will be carried to a window. Go inside, and a cut scene will start.

Fourth PartEdit

Go inside. Grab the keycard, and go back to the docks. Go back the way you came until you are out of teh docks. Then, continue the way you came until you are back in the courtyard from the beginning of the game. Turn right, and there will be a door. Go through to complete the level.

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