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Unfinished Business
Previous level: Something's Gone Wrong
Next level: Assembling the Pieces
Enemies: MP1s
Construction workers
Boss fight: None
Power(s): Mind Control
Gnome(s): Panic Room
Location: Docks

Unfinished Business is the third level in Psi-Ops.


You start outside in an area with two watch towers and numerous spotlights. You must get past these and turn into a room on your right. Then you climb up the stairs, walk down the hall, and walk along the path to the door on the other side of the room. There you will meet Sara. She will give you her ID so you can get into the computer. Then you will go down a ladder, and get Mind Control. Then you make a Meat Puppets open the gate for you. Then you make another bring down a ladder. Then you climb up, and jump through the glass roof. Then you go into the next room, and climb. Then you use the computer. Then you go into Edgar Barrett's office. You see Sara with Luna One. She gives it to you. You then go back outside, and go through a maze of huge boxes. You go into a room where Edgar just killed to meat puppets in anger. You grab the keycard and head back through the maze. Get out, and run back to where you first met Sara at the beginning of the level. Walk through the door, and jump down. Go through the big door, and turn right, go through that door.


New PowersEdit

In this level you gain Mind Control

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Something's Gone Wrong Assembling the Pieces