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Type: Mounted Gun
Damage: Very High
Magazine Size: Infinite
Maximum Ammunition: Infinite
Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire: High
Accuracy: Good
Range: Anything it sees

A turret is a powerful device in Psi-Ops. It is mounted to walls, and it will shoot at anything that moves. It seems to know not to shoot at Meat Puppets.


There are three main ways to beat a turret.

Destroying the TurretEdit

The most straightforward way to beat a turret is to destroy it. This can be done by repeatedly hitting it with things, shooting it, or throwing explosives at it. After destroyed, it will explode in a puff of orange smoke.

Blocking the TurretEdit

Another method of defeating the turret is blocking its fire. To do this, use Telekinesis to hold something in front of it, then run past it.


Shielding is the final method of getting past a turret. Just hold something in front of Nick, then run past the turret.