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The Ultimate Power
Previous level: From the Ether and Beyond
Next level: None
Enemies: The General
Nicolas Wrightson
Aura Beasts
Boss fight: Nicolas Wrightson
The General

The Ultimate Power is the eighth and final level in Psi-Ops.

Boss FightEdit

In this level there are two boss fights.

Nicholas WrightsonEdit

The first boss fight is with Nicolas Wrightson. All you must do is shoot the screens when they try to shoot you, while killing Aura Beasts.

The GeneralEdit

This is the ultimate fight. The General is the only one left. First you must PK the spinning pillars to destroy them. Then collect the six orbs that fell. Then use these orbs as weapons against The General.


Previous Level: Next Level:
From the Ether and Beyond [[]]

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