Nick using telekinesis

Telekinesis (or TK) is the ability to lift things without touching them. When used, a blue or purple mist comes out of your hand, and grabs the item in question. You can do many things with it.

  • Pick up objects, and people.
  • Throw objects and people.
  • Pick something up, and shoot it while it is in the air.
  • Throw something to create a distraction.
  • Stand on an item, then pick it up. This is called TK surfing.

TK is pressure sensitive. the harder you push the TK button down, the higher it goes. This allows the TK Multi-Lift.


TK has a few limitations in its applicability:

  • Telekinesis can be expensive in Psi energy, especially on higher difficulty levels where all psi deployment is costly.
  • If you are not good at using this power, you might accidentally throw things at yourself! It is not very recommendable for the player to throw items besides weapons and power-ups towards himself; doing so can result in an instantly lethal misadventure for Scryer should he connect in launching a hard object (e.g., a rock or an i-beam fragment) at his own head.
  • MP3's will resist telekinetic attack unless they are either taken entirely by surprise or else distracted by Scryer successfully setting them aflame (itself a nontrivial task, given their agility in dodging pyrokinetic flamewaves).
  • Scryer cannot telekinetically throw any of the boss characters.

Psionic Combination TacticsEdit

  • Fireball: Scryer can launch flaming masses by lighting up flammable items using Pyrokinesis, and then throwing the burning item at his enemies using Telekinesis.

Telekinetic SurfingEdit

Telekinetic Surfing can be done by standing on an item, aiming the sight on it, and telekinetically lifting it. It can be used to cross some hazardous areas, though it generally is not the optimal method in either safety or in psi-force cost.

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