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Something's Gone Wrong
Previous level: Welcome to the Movement
Next level: Unfinished Business
Enemies: MP1
Construction worker
Boss fight: Jov Leonov
Power(s): Mind Drain
Gnome(s): TK Alley
Bouncy, Bouncy
Location: Underground base

Something's Gone Wrong is the second level in Psi-Ops.


You start by going up an elevator. After going through a few rooms and killing a few guards, you eventually get to the room you were heading for. It requires a code to get in. After you get in you see a map. You then go through the vents to another room. You find Sara, and she gives you three bombs, and tells you where to plant them. Right after you plant the final one Jov Lennov shows up. You kill him, and get away before the bombs blow up.

New PowersEdit

In this level you get Mind Drain.

Boss FightEdit

This level has a boss fight with Jov Leonov. To start Jov will be hiding behind a glass panel, while his troops come. They will all run out of a series of boxes along the walls. Somtimes Jov will shoot beams at meat puppets to make them bombs. You must throw the bomb meat puppets at the boxes, before they ran at you and explode. You must do this to all of the boxes. Then Jov will come and fight you personally. You must keep throwing things at him, or shooting him.


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