A U.N. Peacekeeper in real life.


Soldiers are a kind of enemy. They are very uncommon, only being seen in the some actions sequences illusions and training missions. They are sometime described as U.N. (United Nations) soldiers. A "normal" (he is under the command of The Movement, programmed to follow orders) soldier, and burned solider are available as a skin.

Before the MovementEdit

Before being captured by The Movement, soldiers were actualy peacekeepers of the U.N. a peacekeeper's job is to stop wars between nations, help the war victims, and sometimes fight to stop a biggest massacre.

Real LifeEdit

Peacekeeping is anything that contributes to the furthering of a peace process, once established. This includes, but is not limited to, the monitoring of withdrawal by combatants from a former conflict area, the supervision of elections, and the provision of reconstruction aid. Peacekeepers are often soldiers, but they do not have to be. Similarly, while soldier-peacekeepers are sometimes armed, they are not obligated to engage in combat.

Another U.N. Soldier.

Peacekeepers were not at first expected to ever fight. As a general rule, they were deployed when the ceasefire was in place and the parties to the conflict had given their consent. They were deployed to observe from the ground and report impartially on adherence to the ceasefire, troop withdrawal or other elements of the peace agreement. This gave time and breathing space for diplomatic efforts to address the underlying causes of conflict.Thus, a distinction must be drawn between peacekeeping and other operations aimed at peace. A common misconception is that activities such as NATO's intervention in the Kosovo War are peacekeeping operations, when they were, in reality, peace enforcement. That is, since NATO was seeking to impose peace, rather than maintain peace, they were not peacekeepers, rather peacemakers.