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Shielding is a trick that makes a shield. It is very useful when under heavy fire. It requires Telekinesis.

How to shieldEdit

To shield Nick, use telekinesis to hold something in front of him. He is then shielded from things. Crates work best in shielding, but other items can be used.


Shielding is mainly used to block any fire. It can also be used to knock things out of the air, such as Aura Beasts, rockets and things thrown by Edgar Barrett. Also, when done with a shield, it can double as a weapon, throwing it at the last enemy.

Types of shieldingEdit

There are two types of shielding: carrying the shield, and moving the shield


When carrying the shield, it is carried wherever Nick goes. It is held in front of him. He always holds it in front of him. This allows you to charge in a place while being safe from enemy fire.


When moving the shield, you take it, move it, and drop it in another location. You have Nick follow it. This allows conservation of Psi energy.