Gender: Male
Affiliation: United Nations
Hair color: Bald, brown facial hair
Eye color:  ?
Weapon(s): Machine Gun
Psi power(s): None
Status: Deceased
Killed by: William Kreiger (presumed)
Nick Scryer (post-MP)
Mission death: Welcome to the Movement
Game(s): Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
First appearance: Abduction
Mission(s): Welcome to the Movement

Sanders was a United Nations peacekeeper who served in the same platoon as Nick Scryer.

Psi-Ops Edit

Sanders has a very minor role, he appears at the very start of the game among the confusion after the Movement attack a UN-occupied oil facility. After Edgar Barrett uses telekinesis on an oil truck and causes it to explode atop the UN soldiers, remnants are rounded up by their meat puppets and loaded into transports.

The soldiers, Scryer and Sanders included, are taken to a secret underground base where they are presented to General William Kreiger. As Kreiger makes his policies clear, Scryer manages to steal a pistol from one of the meat puppet guards and kills him. As he tries to reach for the MP's machine gun, Sanders intervenes and tries to grab it for himself. Edgar Barrett picks both men up using TK as Kreiger takes turns at threatening both men with his sidearm. Almost suddenly, he aims at Sanders and shoots him several times in the abdomen. Barrett releases his grip and both men fall to the ground. Scryer is then taken to solitary confinement as a pool of blood begins to form around Sanders's limp body.

Later, Scryer comes across Sanders and he's alive. However, he has been indoctrinated into the Meat Puppet Program and Sanders gets the jump on Nick when he becomes distracted. Shooting his collar, it overloads and Sanders's head explodes in a gory mess. Scryer, clearly mad, manages to shrug it off and forces himself to complete his mission.