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Rocket Launcher
Type: Explosives Launcher
Damage: Very High
Magazine Size: Infinite
Maximum Ammunition: Infinite
Fire Mode: Non-Automatic
Rate of Fire: Slow
Accuracy: Low
Range: Anywhere

The rocket launcher is a very powerful gun. It shoots a huge rocket at the enemy. You can not use this because it vanishes when the owner dies, but you can mind control an enemy who has one. The only enemy that caries these are MP3's.


The rocket launcher is a large gun designed to shoot powerful missile like explosives. It a very large weapon, and it can't be carried by Nick Scryer; it can only be carried by MP3s.


  • You can only use it by using Mind Control on someone holding it.
  • The rockets shot by the rocket launcher are powerful and highly explosive. Bad aim can be disastrous.
  • It has a slow rate of fire. If it's needed quickly, this can be a disadvantage.