Remote View

Remote View in use

Remote Viewing (or RV) is a Psi power. It allows you to leave your body to go explore. Your body is still vulnerable to attack, but your RV 'projection' is invisible.

Using it you can:

  • Spy on enemies without them noticing.
  • Look at the other side of a locked door.
  • Use it to know what you're up against, and plan your attack.

There is a second form of remote viewing that shows Nick details of puzzles and/or enemies in the next room, this is not a selectable power and own happens several times during the game. It is possible it is a form of precognition.


Like all powers, RV has weaknesses.

  • There is a limit to how far you can travel in RV before the screen fades to white and you are pulled back to your body.
  • Enemies can still shoot your body while you are away.
  • Can only travel though doors, not solid walls.
  • The 'projection' is affected by gravity, limiting its travel options.

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