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Psi Energy is required for Nick Scryer to use his psi powers. It is represented by the blue bar in the HUD. Using the psi powers depletes the energy; if there is insufficient energy to deploy a given power, Scryer will not be able to deploy that power unless he either recovers more psi energy or completes the mission.

The quantity of Psi Energy available to Nick and/or the cost of Psi Powers is dependent on the difficulty level; psi powers are cheaper to use on lower difficulty levels and more costly to use on higher difficulty levels.

Recovering Psi EnergyEdit

Though Scryer will recover all available psi energy upon completion of a mission, there are only two ways for him to regain lost psi energy during a mission: either by using Mind Drain on enemies, or by using pick-up items.

Mind DrainEdit

You can get more by using mind drain on an enemy.

Pick upsEdit

You can get it with one of the following pick ups: