" I can see the other side! It's beautiful!" –Wrightson before being killed
Nicolas Wrightson
Nicolas Wrightson
Gender: Male
Alias: Master of Remote Viewing
Age: 41
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Mindgate (formerly)
Weight: 111 lb
Height: 5'11
Hair color: None
Eye color: Brown
Weapon(s): None
Psi power(s): Remote View
Mind Control
Status: Deceased
Killed by: Nick Scryer
Aura Beasts
Mission death: From the Ether and Beyond
Game(s): Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
First appearance: From the Ether and Beyond
Mission(s): From the Ether and Beyond
Voice actor: Steve Matuszak

Nicolas Wrightson, Master of Remote Viewing, was a member of The Movement. Wrightson, as a master of remote viewing, became the eyes and ears of The General.

He could also control the mind of others by as he put in 'piercing the soul and controlling the mind.' He has entered RV semi-permanent and is on a life support machine to keep his withered body alive.

Plot roleEdit

Nicolas Wrightson is a master of Remote Viewing (RV), and during his time with Mindgate was a master spy. Nick remarks, in one conversation they have during the game, that Wrightson "took Remote Viewing further than anyone else", discovering previously-unknown facts about that Psi power and its uses.

Wrightson acts as a spy and fact-finder for the Movement, watching both its own members and its enemies as often as possible. No longer entirely mentally stable, Wrightson is not merely skilled in RV- he lives nearly exclusively with his mind being out-of-body. His body is hidden away in the Movement's home base in the Himalayas, permanently hooked up to life support machines, as Wrightson has little use for it. It is not until Nick's arrival in the mountains that Wrightson enters the game, possessing a dead MP and greeting Nick. He returns later, controlling another MP, and monologues about his immense power with RV. As Nick starts to get bored, Wrightson complains bitterly of his once-powerful importance to the Movement; as of late, he has become little more than The General's "guard dog". Wrightson cheers up, however, when he says, "that is why I need you!". He abandons control of the MP's body then, leaving his meaning unclear.

The full extent of Wrightson's power with out-of-body Remote Viewing and Aura Viewing is shown soon after, when he forces past Nick's mental defenses and possesses him briefly. Nick fights back, however, and before Wrightson can use him to attack Sarah Blake, Nick forces Wrightson out of his mind. Nick finds Wrightson's body- still alive and able to speak- soon afterwards. The two argue about The General and his plans, and while both have decided to stop him, neither is willing to cooperate with the other: Nick is hostile to all the Movement's goals, while Wrightson merely envies The General and wants the Monolith's power for himself. After a battle with Wrightson, in which Nick is attacked by both energy weapons and normally-invisible Aura Beasts, Nick irreparably damages the cloaking device that hides Wrightson from the Aura Beasts and convince them to take his orders. They abruptly turn on him, causing Wrightson, helpless in his feeble human body, to scream frantically. Suddenly, in a blast of blinding, colourful light, Wrightson begins to escape- or is forced into- an alternate dimension. Pleased at this final discovery, he exclaims, "I can see the other side! It's beautiful!" He then vanishes into that dimension, along with most of the Aura Beasts, never to be seen again.

Boss battleEdit

Unlike other bosses, the battle with Wrightson has only one stage. You need to destroy the monitors surrounding his life support chamber, while avoiding energy beams and Aura Beast attacks. Throwing gas canisters at the monitors and shooting them as they explode is the most effective strategy. After the battle, the glass shielding Wrightson breaks which allows the aura beasts to maul him to death as they are sent to the Ether.