Nick Scryer
Gender: Male
Alias: None
Age: 34
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Mindgate
United Nations
Weight: 210 lb
Height: 6"
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Weapon(s): Various
Psi power(s): Various
Status: Active
Location: Unknown
Game(s): Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
First appearance: Introduction
Mission(s): All (player character)
Voice actor: Steve Matuszak

Nick Scryer is a former Mindgate operative and is one of the most powerful psi agents in the world.


Early LifeEdit

All that is known about Nick's early life is that he was one of the best agents in a government operation known as Mindgate. He opposed The Generals plans and stayed with Mindgate after several other psi agents had left. He is a seasoned combat veteran assigned to lead a strike team with the UN Anti-Terror Corps.

Sneaking into The MovementEdit

Mindgate organized a mission to get Nick into The Movement. They wiped his memory, altered his face and made him think he was an ordinary soldier. He was captured as planned and imprisoned by the Movement.

Welcome to the MovementEdit

Nick was captured as planned and brought to a base of the Movement. Soon to be found and recovered by the double agent Sara Blake. Thanks to Sara , Nick escaped and made his way through the base to find Sara again. She then gives him a drug to help him recover his memories of Mindgate and his Psi-powers . He then went up another floor to continue his new mission, soon to find that...

Something's Gone WrongEdit

Mind Control

Nick about to be killed by Jov Leonov

Nick continued through the base until he got to a small storage area. Here Sara meets him to continue the plan, but only to find Nick does not have his memories yet. She then tries to explain the next step of the plan, giving him three bombs to blow up the base. He planted each one in a critical point to down the whole base, after an encounter with Jov Leonov and the whole base was brought down.

Unfinished BusinessEdit

Nick was taken to another Movement base. he tried and failed to access the computer for information on th generals plan, he attempts to go to Edgar Barrett's office for any information, unable to find any, fortunately able to find Luna 1 . He then rendezvous' with Sara. He then gets a keycard to the next area of the base, finding Tonya Blake (Sara's twin sister), giving her Luna 1, thinking she was Sara, .

Assembling the PiecesEdit

Nick then got further into the base and found Edgar Barrett. Tonya gave him Luna 1 to Barret and he escaped.

Fears Don't LieEdit

Nick then tracked The General to another base. He went in and met Kimiko Jones. She kept in contact with him, having him find out more about Luna 1. After passing through the Office Maze, he then confronted Wei Lu and killed her.

Everything We've Worked ForEdit

Nick then went to the other end of the building. and found The General and Marlena Kessler. They left, so he chased them to another area, (finding a confused Sara along the way). Luna 1 was fused with the other fragments to create the Monolith. The fusion process machine was destroyed and Marlena Kessler was killed in the ensuring battle.

From the Ether and BeyondEdit

Nick then chased The General to a temple. He soon discovered this temple was the hiding spot of Nicolas Wrightson's body and his 'pets'. He journeyed through the Temple until he caught up with Sara, who had been imprisoned. Briefly hampered by Wrightson they escaped, Sarah giving him a psi amplifier that in conjunction with a satellite dish cleared the Aura Beasts infesting a vital set of stairs. After this he proceeded farther in the temple.

The Ultimate PowerEdit

Nick continued through the temple until he found Nicolas Wrightson's body. He destroyed the defenses it had, but the Aura Beast killed him before Nick could. He then continued, until he met the General, who had gain power from the monolith and made him a Psi elite, and betrayed Barret, He fought and defeated him.


Mind Drain

Nick using Mind Drain

Nick can use many powers such as:


  • Nick's name was originally going to be Geller, named after Uri Geller