The monolith in carry case


The Monolith is an ancient alien artifact from time past which has been thought to believe to be the cause of many wars during the centuries, including World War II due to its mysterious powers it contains but eventually once the dust settled, the artifact was lost.


The Monolith itself is made up of five separate fragments:

The central core which is also known as Luna-01 seems to be where the power is focused as it emits a bright blue light whenever it is held by a person with Psi-Energy.

The other four fragments are somewhat identical rings which are covered in ancient symbols that also emits a blue light and once fused, levitates around Luna-01.


Not much is known about the powers of The Monolith aside from the fact it is what is needed in order to unlock an endless supply of incredible Psi-Energy to its possessor by combining it with the ancient alien device (that was excavated by The General deep within the Himalayan Mountains) while the Moon is in the optimal orbit above it.