Mind drain (or MD) is the ability to absorb the psi energy out of someone. With it you can:

Mind Drain

Nick using Mind Drain on a Meat puppet

  • Get more Psi energy.
  • Sneak up behind an enemy, and drain their life.
  • Drain Psi Energy from a dead body.

You get the most energy from an living enemy who does not notice you presence prior to the attack. Fully draining a standing person will make their head explode.


Mind Drain Head

A Meat Puppet's head exploding

Mind Drain has many weaknesses:

  • If you are sneaking up behind someone, you could be noticed.
  • While using MD, you could be attacked by others.
  • Dead bodies hardly give any energy.
  • Headless bodies cannot be drained


Victims of mind drain will often speak rapid gibberish, while others (most often Labcoats) will simply shout "Oh god no!"

Known UsersEdit

Nick Scryer

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