Mind Control

Jov Lennov using Mind Control to make Nick attack himself

Mind Control (or MC) is the ability to take over someone's mind. With it you can:

  • Control them to activate something out of your range.
  • You can make the enemies turn against each other.
  • You can make enemies jump off high areas (like buildings) or run into hazards (Fire, electrical)
  • Force an enemy to commit suicide by placing their gun in their mouth.


The weaknesses of MC are:

  • Enemies can still shoot your body when you are in someone else's.
  • If you turn them against each other, you must stay in MC, or else they will stop shooting each other.
  • It take depletes your psi energy very quickly.

Secret suicide techniqueEdit

Nick can cause MP's to commit suicide while they are mind controlled. This takes a lot of psi energy.

  • PS2: Press into and hold both analog sticks
  • Xbox: Hold both analog sticks
  • PC: Hold G and T at the same time for 5 -8 seconds


It is suggested that mind control is painful, uncomfortable or can cause nausea. As enemies can be heard saying "It burns!", "Get out of my head!" and "I think I'm gonna be sick" These quotes are sometimes used with mind drain as well.

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