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Melee Attack
Type: Melee
Damage: Low
Magazine Size: None
Maximum Ammunition: None
Fire Mode: One hit
Rate of Fire: Every second
Accuracy: Low
Range: Extremely close

Melee is the name used in-game to refer to hand-to-hand attacks delivered by Scryer. Absent any stealth advantage, Scryer can generally dispatch most common enemies with a few hits.

Stealth KillEdit

Melee attacks are often used to perform stealth kills. This is done sneaking up on the target, and using a melee attack while they aren't looking. This should kill them in one hit.

  • This stealth kill is quicker to deploy than stealth-killing via Mind Drain, though it will not grant Scryer any Psi energy.


  • In most boss fights (Marlena Kessler may be an exception), attempting to use Melee is not a very good strategy, as they have attacks that will knock Scryer out of that distance (or, in the case of Wrightson, there will be too many Aura Beasts around to reach him with any degree of effectiveness).