Meat Puppets

(From left to right) MP3, MP1 and MP2

Meat puppets (or MPs) are the result of the Movement's Meat Puppet Program. They are kidnapped, brainwashed and then programmed.


There are three types of meat puppets. Each one is smarter and more powerful then the last.


PSi-Ops-MP1 group of three


MP1s are the weakest meat puppet. They go through a quick brainwash, and are then sent out to do their jobs. They have a low-tier body armor, without much ability to stop bullets. There are typically armed with machine guns and shotguns, though they are seen with Sniper Rifles at one point.


PSi-Ops-MP2 group of three


MP2s are more powerful then the MP1s, and also smarter. They can resist telekinesis to the point where they can still shoot Nick while in the air. They are equipped with a medium-tier body armor, and can take much more damage than MP1's. They are typically armed with assault rifles and shotguns. Occasionally they wield flame-throwers.



An MP3

MP3s are the the most powerful meat puppets. They can be quickly reprogrammed for a variety of tasks.

This MP is equipped with a futuristic 'power suit'. It has built in extinguishers to put out any Pyrokinesis you use, and can deny your access to their body when you use Mind Control unless you sneak up on them or if you knock them to the ground with a thrown object. They can also block and deflect bullets to such a degree, that these should be considered mini-bosses instead of a tier of common enemies. They are typically armed with assault rifles and rocket launchers. This is the only MP that has called Nick by his name ("Time to die Scryer!")