Any LevelEdit

God no! –After being lifted in the air
No! No! –While being Mind Drained
Oh Shit!

Throwing a grena-deEdit

Fire in the hole! –-MP1
chew on this, bitch –MP3
Eat this!

After being Mind ControlledEdit

Get out of my mind!
It burns!
Get off me!
I think I'm gonna be sick!
What the Hell?
Rrrrnnng, it burns!

After being attacked by a teammateEdit

Die traitor!
Stand down!
What are you doing?

After Nick dying.Edit

Die you son of a bitch!


I live to serve!
For the Movement
Area clear
(whistling) –-the tune they whistle is an instrumental part of "With my Mind" by Cold
MP3 resistance to Nicks powers
That's not happening –telekinesis attempt
Let go of me! –Telekinesis attempt
Get off me you deranged freak! –Telekinesis attempt
Get out of my head/mind –Mind control resist
Your not controlling me! –Mind control resist
MP3 resistance to Nicks powers
For the Movement