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Machine Gun
Type: Rifle
Damage: Medium
Magazine Size: 40
Maximum Ammunition: 160
Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire: Very High
Accuracy: Low
Range: Medium

The machine gun is a kind of gun. It is rapid fire, and it is best at medium range.


The machine gun is a rapid fire weapon. It is designed to inflict a lot of damage in a short time. It can hold a lot of ammunition. It is not very good with accuracy. The machine gun is often used when rapid fire is needed, and accuracy would not be a problem.


  • The machine gun burns a lot of fire quickly.
  • Its accuracy is very low.
  • It has a high recoil, making it harder for the player to get a kill when the target is far away.


  • Next to the Assault Rifle, this is the most common weapon in the game.
  • The "Machine Gun" looks like the Heckler & Koch MP5.
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    The H&K MP5 in real life can be compared with the "Machine Gun".