AbductionAlarmArcade Mode
Assault RifleAssembling the PiecesAssembling the Pieces/Walkthrough
Aura BeastAura PoolAura View
Aura View TrainingBarrelBomb
Boss FightBoss RushBottomless Pit
Bouncy, BouncyBurst FireButton
Construction workerConstruction worker/QuotesCoolant cylinders
Cooperative ModeCrateDark Mode
DemoEdgar BarrettEdgar Barrett/Quotes
Electrical HazardEverything We Worked ForExplosive
Explosive TankFanFears Don't Lie
Field Medical KitField Medical PackFire
FireballFlame ThrowerFloor of Death
Freeman CoffeyFrom the Ether and BeyondGas Chamber
Gas cylinderGasolineGearshift
Greg WhalenGrenadeGuns
Head ShotHeads Up DisplayHealth
Hong Kong baseHyposprayIllusion
Implant DeviceInvisible MinesJack
Jeannie WooJerry BloomJoanna Buese
JonesJov LeonovJov Leonov/Quotes
JugglingKeycardsKimiko Jones
LabcoatLabcoat/QuotesList of Cheat Codes
List of ControlsLuna OneMachine Gun
Marlena KesslerMarlena Kessler/QuotesMeat Puppet/Quotes
Meat Puppet ProgramMeat puppetMelee
Merrie GreenfeildMidway GamesMind Control
Mind Control TrainingMind DrainMind Drain Training
Nick ScryerNick Scryer/QuotesNicolas Wrightson
Oil facilityPanic RoomParticle Accelerator
Pick UpsPistol AmmoPsi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
Psi-Ops 2Psi-Ops 2 wish listPsi-Ops Wiki
Psi ElixirPsi PoolPsi Power
Psi Practice RoomPsi RejuvenatorPsi Vial
Psi energyPyrokinesisPyrokinesis Training
Quick TipsRemote ViewRemote View Training
Rocket LauncherSandersSara Blake
Sara Blake/QuotesScorpionSecret Levels
ShieldingShotgunSilenced Pistol
SkinSniper RifleSniping
SoldierSomething's Gone WrongSomething's Gone Wrong/Walkthrough
Sphere of PowerStealth KillSteve Matuszak
StoplightsSurvivalTK Alley
TK Multi-LiftTK surfTelekinesis
Telekinesis TrainingTelepathyThe Ultimate Power
Tip the IdolTonya BlakeTonya Blake/Quotes
Tracey RepepTrainingTurret
Underground baseUnfinished BusinessUnfinished Business/Walkthrough
Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsUnited NationsUp & Over
Wei LuWei Lu/QuotesWelcome to the Movement
Welcome to the Movement/WalkthroughWilliam KreigerWilliam Kreiger/Quotes
File:800px-US Navy 030217-M-3692W-074 U.S. Marines from Echo Company, Battalion Landing Team 2-1, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) .jpgFile:Aura Beast.jpgFile:Construction worker.jpg
File:Edgar Barrett.jpgFile:Fireball.jpgFile:Flag of the Soviet Union JPG.jpg
File:Images (23).jpgFile:Images (25).jpgFile:Images (26).jpg
File:Images (27).jpgFile:Images (28).jpgFile:Images (31).jpg
File:Jack.jpegFile:Japanese Psi-Ops.jpgFile:Jones.jpg
File:Luna 1.jpgFile:MP3.jpgFile:Marlena Boss Fight.jpg
File:Marlena Kessler action shot.jpgFile:Meat Puppets.jpgFile:Mind Control.jpg
File:Mind Drain.jpgFile:Mind Drain Head.jpgFile:Monolith.jpg
File:Monolith 2.jpgFile:Monolith 3.jpgFile:Monolith 4.jpg
File:Nick.jpgFile:Nicolas Wrightson.jpgFile:PC Psi-Ops.jpg
File:PSi-Ops-MP1 group of three.jpgFile:PSi-Ops-MP2 group of three.jpgFile:Play Station 2 Psi-Ops.png
File:Psi ops aura view.jpgFile:Psi ops aura view examples.jpgFile:Psiball.jpg
File:Pyrokinesis.jpgFile:Redcross.jpgFile:Remote View.jpg
File:Sara Blake.jpgFile:Sniper Scope.jpgFile:Steve.jpg
File:TK Surfing.jpgFile:Telekinesis.jpgFile:The Abduction - Psi-Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy
File:Wei Lu.jpgFile:Wikis in Plain EnglishFile:Wishlistpsiops2.jpg
File:Xbox Psi-Ops.jpgFile:Zombie.jpg

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