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This is a list of cheat codes used in Psi-Ops.


Nick Scryer SkinsEdit

Effect Code
Training Nick 564689
Urban Nick 484646
Wasteland Nick 975466
Stealth Nick 456498

Sara Blake SkinsEdit

Effect Code
Sara 135488
Psi Sara 468799
Suicide Sara 678999

Edgar Barrett SkinsEdit

Effect Code
Barrett 497878
Training Barret1 196001
Training Barret2 196002
Training Barret3 196003
Training Barret4 196004
Training Barret5 196005
Training Barret6 196006

Wei Lu SkinsEdit

Effect Code
Wei Lu 231324
Dragon Wei Lu 978789
Tranquility Wei Lu 654654

General SkinsEdit

Effect Code
General 459797
Clown General 431644

Marlena Kessler skinsEdit

Effect Code
Marlena Kessler 489788
Marlena Kessler Leather 231644
Marlena Kessler Bikini 135454

Other SkinsEdit

Effect Code
Jack 698798
Jov Leonov 468987
MP1 321646
MP2 698799
MP3 654659
Soldier 365498
Burned Soldier 454566
Labcoat 998789
Scopion 546546
Tonya 136876
Kimiko Jones 978798

Extra MissionsEdit

Effect Code
Pitfall 05120926
PanicRoom 76635766
Up And Over 020615
Stop Lights 945678
Gasoline 9442662
Bottomless Pit 154897
TK Alley 090702
Gear Gauntlet 154684

Tip The Buddha

Psi Pool 565485
Aura Pool 659785
Bouncy Bouncy 568789
Gnomotron 456878

Playing ModesEdit

Effect Code
Arcade Mode 05051979
Coop Mode 07041979
Survival Mode 7734206
Dark Mode 465486


Effect Code
Take Less Damage 548975
Use less PSI power 456456
AllPowers 537893
Unlimited Ammo 978945
No Head 987978

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