Labcoats seem to be researchers and even scientists within The Movement. Like construction workers, they are unaffected by the Meat Puppet Program and are tagged as non-combatant personnel. Donning blue overalls, white boots and red-glowing goggles, they stand out fairly well against the enviroment and are a lot of fun to mess around with. Within Movement-controlled facilities, they can be found tending to machines and even working on what appears to be deceased Meat Puppets. Evidenced by this, they are possibly a part of the Meat Puppet Program science team and may report to Jov Leonov directly. If Nick approaches them, they are most likely going to flee and activate an alarm to alert the guards, attempting to hide from Scryer while constantly pleading for aid. It is extremely rare for a Labcoat to fight back, yet they fail to pack a decent punch and can easily be dispatched of. When killed, their loot commonly contains of a single Hypospray and is uncommon for them not to drop one, yet a "naked" Labcoat does exist which can be a minor problem if running low on health or psi energy.