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Type: Explosive
Damage: Lethal
Magazine Size: One
Maximum Ammunition: One
Fire Mode: Throwable
Rate of Fire: One throw
Accuracy: Poor, requires skill
Range: Far

Grenades are throwable explosives. They can only be used by meat puppets. You can throw them back at them with telekinesis though. You can also mind control enemies, and throw their grenades.


The grenade is a small, handheld, throwable explosive. It is designed to be worn by a person, then activated and thrown when needed. It is very small, so it is easy for the carrier to carry it.


  • The greatest weakness is it can't be used by Nick. It has to be re-thrown, or thrown by a Meat Puppet under Mind Control.
  • The grenade has a set time before going off. Once activated, you do not have a choice of when it will go off.
  • It has very poor accuracy. It has to be thrown, which is harder to aim than a gun.
  • It has a small blast range. The target must be right next to it for any damage to be done.


  • Grenade throwing is often coupled with a shout, such as "Grenade!" or "Fire in the hole!".