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A gas chamber is a small room that is used for killing people. Gas chambers are seen in the level Something's Gone Wrong.


The gas chamber is a small room. There is a glass door, and a huge poison gas tank. There are three of these rooms side by side.


Gas chambers are used as a way to kill. The glass door closes at the touch of a button. The gas pump starts automatically after the door closes.


It is not recommended that Nick enters the gas chamber. If he does, someone will close him in. You then have to break the glass door before he dies.


  • In their appearance, there is a Labcoat foolishly standing inside one.
  • There are things placed inside them. This is very inconvenient.
  • A good way to deal with them is to close the doors, then use your Telekinesis to batter the glass with objects until it shatters. Then, open the door. This means that the door won't close if Nick enters afterwards.

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