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From the Ether and Beyond
Previous level: Everything We've Worked For
Next level: The Ultimate Power
Enemies: MP1
Aura Beasts
Boss fight: None

From the Ether and Beyond is the seventh level in Psi-Ops


You start outside a temple. After a brief conversation with a guard possessed by Wrightson you enter the temple. After a short stretch of fighting/avoiding Aura Beasts you will find Sara locked in the prison cell. You get locked in yourself. You then Mind Control a guard to open the door, and you both escape. You and Sara meet on the roof where she gives you a device that increases you psi-energy. She said to attach it on the satellite control to destroy all of the Aura Beasts infesting a tower you must travel though. After figuring out the bowl and ball puzzle you fight past the guards you activate the satellite dish and clear the tower. You then climb the tower.

New Psi PowersEdit

In this level you gain Aura View.


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Everything We've Worked For The Ultimate Power