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Fears Don't Lie
Previous level: Assembling the Pieces
Next level: Everything We've Worked For
Enemies: MP1s
Zombies (illusion)
Boss fight: Wei Lu
Power(s): Pyrokinesis
Gnome(s): Survival
Floor of Death
Location: Hong Kong base
Graveyard (illusion)

Fears Don't Lie is the fifth level in Psi-Ops.


You start on the roof of a building. You go inside and after a while you meet Kimiko Jones. She tells you to go find out more about The General's plans. Soon you go up an elevator to the next floor. Then you go through an air vent into a illusion maze. You go through, meeting Wei Lu's illusions along the way. Eventually you get to a battle zone (another illusion). Four friendly soldiers are prisoner to Edgar Barrett then it turns into a graveyard and they are zombies attacking you. Mind Drain them all or shot off their heads to get out. You go through the building until you meet Wei Lu. Beat her to win.

New PowersEdit

In this level you get Pyrokinesis.

Wei Lu Boss FightEdit

First stageEdit

First she sends statues at you. Use Pyrokinesis on them to freeze them in place, then use guns or thrown objects to shatter them. Alternatively you can use mind drain on them when their backs are turned.

Second stageEdit

When the statues are destroyed, Wei Lu comes out and transforms into a giant green monster. Destroy all three spitting tentacles on her head to win. Using Pyrokinesis on her prior to shooting/throwing items at her increases the damage she takes.


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