Everything We Worked For
Previous level: Fears Don't Lie
Next level: From the Ether and Beyond
Enemies: Marlena Kessler
Boss fight: Marlena Kessler

Everything We Worked For is the sixth level in Psi-Ops.


You start at a bridge, which an MP2 blew up with a Grenade. TK surf over the gap, and go into the next room. Get past the electrified floors, and go up the ladder. Get past the huge wall of energy into the next area by flipping all of the switches. It is best to do this with mind controlled enemies, activating the furthest away first. You then meet Sara who gives you a keycard. You see Marlena Kessler and The General talking, but they spot you and get away. Later you go up the elevator and meet them again. The General leaves, and you fight and kill Marlena.

Boss FightEdit

In this level you fight Marlena Kessler, who is still powering the fusion machine. She has three attacks. Many short bursts, a big beam, and an overload explosion. You must throw all of the red coolant cylinders at the machine. Eventually the machine will be destroyed, and she will come after you herself. Throw more cylinders at her to beat her.


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Fears Don't Lie From the Ether and Beyond

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