Construction worker

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Construction Workers are unarmed, ordinary men hired to work for the Movement as skilled laborers.


Unaltered by the Meat Puppet Program in any way, these contruction workers seem to have been hired by The Movement in exchange for their handy-work to maintain machines and electronics. Wielding a wrench, they can be found in various Movement bases tending to a wide range of machinery and equiment.

At first sight of Nick, they will proceed to attack him and raise the alarm to nearby Meat Puppets. This makes them quite different from their fellow unaltered Movement employees, Labcoats, who rarely attempt to fight at all. On occasion, a Construction Worker will attempt to surrender and beg that Nick Scryer spare his life, but usually they will fight, and can be deadly if Nick is careless or already weakened from previous fighting.

Construction Workers are ordinary humans, with no Psi powers- or ability to resist those powers- at all. As a result, they are among the easiest members of the Movement for Nick to use Mind Control on.