Psi ops aura view

Auras and foot prints

Psi ops aura view examples

Nick using Aura View

Aura View (or AV) is many powers in one. With it you can:

  • See things you can't normally see. Invisible things (such as Aura Beasts and Mines), what color something really is, secret passages, etc.
  • An aura around enemies. A blue aura means they are unaware of a threat, yellow means they are suspicious, and red means they are fully aware of Nick's presence.
  • Remnants of the past become visible, like footprints or writing on a white board.


Aura View has weaknesses:

  • You can not use any other psi powers while using aura view.

Final battleEdit

Aura View can be used to see The General when he becomes invisible.

Known UsersEdit

Nick Scryer

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