First PartEdit

The level begins with Nick in a large train courtyard. He is hiding behind a crate, and there are several guards out there, including two snipers. Nick must kill them without getting killed. It is suggested you TK or MC the snipers for easy kills. After all of the guards are dead, go over to the back of the courtyard. There will be switches lined up. Activate the red one, and a train will be sent into the building in front of it, granting Nick a way in. Have Nick run in, and kill the guards and destroy the Turret. Go through the door, and go into the next room.

Second PartEdit

You are now in a smaller room, with a Construction Worker manning a panel on the platform above. Mind Control him, and make him push the Button. Kill him, and move into the next room. There will be several guards in here, so just kill them. Navigate through the area until you get to a ladder on the other end. Climb up. Kill the workers and the MPs that might be hiding above you. Go through, and you will be on the top area of the small room you were in before. Hit the button, and throw things into the smashers to break them. Run through, and go into the next room. Navigate through the rest of the level, going over the rooftop, killing guards, and going through halls until you meet Edgar Barrett.

Boss FightEdit

You will be in a very small room. Don't get to close to Barrett, or he'll throw you. There will be small items being carried by conveyor belts. Throw these at him, but be careful, as he will be doing the same thing to you. Keep throwing until he gets mad, and goes outside. After the cutscene, turn left, and grab the Field Medical Kit and the Psi Rejuvenator. Then go through the door, and meet Barrett outside. He will throw a train, just RUN. It should miss. For the rest of the level, just throw anything you can grab at him, while dodging what he throws. Just hit him until he runs out of health.

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