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Assembling the Pieces
Previous level: Unfinished Business
Next level: Fears Don't Lie
Enemies: MP1s
Construction workers
Boss fight: Edgar Barrett
Power(s): None
Gnome(s): Assembling the Pieces
Bottomless Pit
Location: Docks

Assembling the Pieces is the fourth level in Psi-Ops.


You start outside in a train yard. You must kill all of the guards, then set a train car lose crash though a closed shutter door . You must go through a series of halls and doors, then you will meet Edgar Barrett. You then defeat him in a two stage battle he leaves, you take Sara's helicopter to follow him.

New PowersEdit

You do not get any new powers in this level.

Boss fightEdit

In this level you fight Edgar Barret. You start in a small room where he throws little things at you, and you throw them at him. He eventually makes his own door that leads back into the field you started in, and you throw bigger things at each other.


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